Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just a Little Stressed

Friday was the kind of day that just sucks your soul dry and crushes your spirit.

I was anxious all morning about my 1 PM doctor’s appointment. I just had this nagging feeling that my ankle still wasn’t right. Of course anxiety can cause slips of reason and judgment – I had a few close calls with electrical appliances and the stairs until I decided to just be still til 1.

I have to mention here that people who are NOT handicapped but take up all the handicapped parking spots should have their knee caps beaten with a baseball bat. I volunteer to do it. I had to park in the part of the lot that is on a slope and then I had to walk quite a bit out of my way to get around the steep curb. Only ONE of the five cars parked in the handicapped spots had a proper sticker. As I was leaning against the entrance to recover from the shooting pain in my leg two men in their 30s came waltzing out, at quite a healthy clip and proceeded to heave their fat asses into the Escalade parked right where I was standing. As far as I could see their only handicap was being fat lazy fucks with overly active entitlement glands. Our township has one of the lowest crime rates in the county and yet services are being cut due to budget concerns. Imagine the revenue that could be generated if these people would be ticketed. Most of our patrol cars just sit around or float about doing absolutely nothing all day.

The doctor was running late from surgery so I was left in the waiting room with a nice gentleman in his 60s. We talked about how warm it was for October and other small talk. The radio was on and a clip from Bush’s morning statement about the economy was played. My co-waiter chuckled and mumbled “moron” and I laughed and nodded in agreement. I really wanted to leave it there but …

Him: He (Bush) is useless in this crisis.

Me: Seems every time he speaks the market plunges even more.

Him: My 401K lost over 30%

And we went on for a bit about our savings, our jobs and our torn tendons. At some point in the conversation I noticed his cap said McCain/Palin. It didn’t alter my enjoyment of our conversation, it just made me wonder about his very strong criticism of Bush but I was in pain and tired and had no desire to go there.

Him: Things will change in January.

I said nothing.

Him: McCain knows how to put this country back into the hands it belongs in

Me: I thought you were critical of the Republicans?

Him: No – just Bush.

Me: But McCain is Bush to me, he has voted with Bush 95% of the time. I think McCain is smarter than W and certainly braver given his military service but that’s where the differences stop.

Him: I see you listen to the Clinton News Network

Yet another point where I really wanted the conversation to end. CNN hasn’t been called that in so long. I have gone from thinking this man is worth having an intelligent discussion with to wanting to scream.

I say nothing.

Him: I assume you’re voting for Obama.

Me: I am.

Him: And you like Biden?

Me: He wasn’t my first choice but yes, I have a great deal of respect for him.

Him: That’s good; Obama will be whacked within 3 months if he gets the White House.

First of all –whacked!? Really? Old nerdy looking men wearing socks with their Bermuda shorts really shouldn’t think they’re part of the Sopranos cast.

And it was enough. My stomach turned at his smirk and his look of contempt.

I have said a lot of negative things about McCain and Palin BUT I would NEVER relish their death. Actually there are many times when I have a moment’s sadness at how far from dignified McCain has gone. And I had a momentary human feeling for Palin when she asked Biden “can I call you Joe?” – of course I then felt silly when I saw how she used his name.

I just got (struggled) up and walked to the other side of the room.

Here is where I was going to include some video and links to the political and human insanity of the past few days but this is getting long and I’m getting upset and tired again.

My cast came off only to be replaced by a heavier, stronger, tighter cast. It appears that my knee and ankle are engaged in a game of “counter rotation” and so the more I move about the more the knee causes the ankle to re-injure and re-injure. At least I’m consistent.

I will need to see a knee guy
We’ll need to talk about surgery
I will probably need some form of ankle brace for a long time to come


Enough for now.

I am struggling to be upbeat. I had job interviews scheduled to help offset the fact that every single project I had on the books has been put on hold since the last 700 point dip.

The $475,000 AIG execs spent at the spa could fix most of my troubles. And I’d even use a good part of it to help other people.

Enough for now.

My Saturday did get off to a fantastic start!! My phone rang at 2:37 this morning (they knew I was awake since I had just commented on their “drunken whore” photos) and I was greeted with giggles and outrageous fabulosity from the traveling wonder show that is TT, ETK and CHEEKYMONKEY. Cheeky doesn’t even know me but that in no way deterred her from taking part in our full blown cussing, sharing, how inappropriate can we be conference call.

Thank you Ladies!! And I do mean Ladies – for being the fabulous funny fantastic femmes that you are.

Party On! And Keep Me in the Purse!

So far today I have dissolved into tears 7 times, I had a screaming match with my son over having to ask for every single little fucking thing and I have thrown a coffee mug across a room.

I’m just a tad stressed.

I’ll bounce back, always do.

Finola will be back. I just am not in the mood for her this week.


Sylvia K said...

Oh, honey, I'm so with you! I know the anger, the frustration, but have to admit my back and knee problems aren't as bad as your ankle and knee problems. I thought I was the only one who had no problem with the f--- word which you would know if you were near my house and this morning I would have thrown the whole coffee pot across the room if I'd had one near. I'm holding good thoughts and sending a hug as well.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Take a deep breath and if that doesn't work make the people who are annoying you to stop breathing. lol

Jay Simser said...

Damnit Girl - Perk up. Lay some guilt on your son,(that is what my mom always did ("I've given you the best years of my life and this is how you repay me?)) - Think about how warped and evil and ingrown that old poop was and assign him to the trash. And then pour yourself something sweet (chai perhaps) light a (scented) candle - put on some relaxing music. Imagine yourself dancing naked in the rain- CHILL. We all send Love your way j

Mrs. C said...

MY GOODNESS. What is wrong with hat dude? If (God forbid) Obama wins the presidency, he will be our president. He will be the person that God commands for us to pray for that is anointed of the Lord for that position.

Whacked, indeed. Such speech is a shame onto us all as Americans. We're supposed to pride ourselves on a bloodless election/turnover process/ etc.

OK, I'm still reeling.

And I like Bush way better than McCain. Though I disagree strongly with his prancing about my hometown handing out prescriptions to "seniors" like it's CandyLand day at the park and the money's free.

I hope whoever is elected, that AMERICAN citizens will stinkin' well grow up. Enough of this we don't want a N for president and McStupid jokes. I mean, ribbing is ok. Political satire is ok.

But wow.


That's just chilling. I agree with you.

PS. I just don't know what to think about what you're going through with your back and leg. Part of me wants to go SEE SOMEONE DIFFERENT WHO CAN FIX IT, but unfortunately, not everything is fixable.

Doggone it.

And poo on those handicap parkers. They bug me as well. Though I do know people who are sound in limb etc. who need a closer spot some times and not others, but they have the license and just use it when they NEED it. (You know what I mean hopefully)

Aileni said...

Dianne, I must have missed something along the way, didn't know of your injury.
There are those who add insult to injury with ease. The aged troll - wonder is he has a grandson ripe for drafting... that's what it will come to if BogMac gets in.
You take care and only throw cups and pots empty of the coffee.

Raven said...

You are much in my thoughts. It's very disturbing that there are still people who wish for the death of someone they disagree with politically. I think the country has come a long way and it will come further once Senator Obama is President Obama. I know you know that I worry a lot about the election being stolen, but I'm thinking that Obama is different there too. I don't think he'll roll over and let that happen and I suspect he has plans in place to do serious poll watching.

I love how the Republicans have simply dismissed Palin's abuse of power judgment.

I cast my absentee vote yesterday and was amazed that either I didn't get one of them or was so focused on making sure that I checked the right box that I didn't notice that Obama's name was misspelled as Osama. How outrageous is that? I'm assuming that my vote will still count.

I hope you feel better. It may sound hoaky but during some of my darkest days I tried a mantra that goes, "Thank you for everything. I have no complaints whatsoever." You don't actually have to mean it when you say it, but something about the process of doing that for me really shifts the way things happen and how I feel about them. I have found that even crud like what you are going through with your ankle and knee can have a gift in them. You'll find it. It still sucks, but I know there's a hidden gift waiting to be unwrapped.

Sending a cyber hug and prayers and good thoughts.

I do miss Finola but know she'll be back soon in all her creative glory.

Jackie said...

Nothing to add - but a big big hug.

Dianne said...

sylvia - the f word is punctuation round here lol
I mean really what sounds better "idiot" or "f'ing idiot" - it's just such a delicious word
thanks for the hugs

queen size funny bone - I like the way you think :)

jay - I just truly could have done without the hate at that particular moment but you're right. As for guilt - I think 35 is too old to start, I've never done it. I will perk up though, I always do. thank you for the love

mrs c - chilling is an excellent way to describe it- I will get a second opinion (if the insurance allows it) before I have any surgery. I do know what you mean about the use it when they need it handicap parkers. I have a temorary permit and I only use it if I have to - as in steep curbs or hills. At the grocery I never use it, I can walk 10 extra feet across a paved lot! Even there people use them when they shouldn't!!
thanks for all your thoughts Mrs C :)

aileni - empty cups only! got it lol
the injury is accumulated stress tears from scoliosis. Apparently the body changes and weakens as time passes. Who knew!! lol

raven - the 'osama' thing I think is truly an accident. all my computer programs indicate Obama as a typo and suggest replacing it with Osama. Some poor shmuck just hit the OK key. Of course they should manually proof something so important but of course they don't. When Barack wins I am going to set all my software to accept Obama. It will be part of my celebration.

Palin is an abuse of power by her mere exsistence ;) and of course the Republicans don't mind it, only Dems are guilty Raven where have you beem! Really now.
I have a few mantras much like yours. It is all just fresh again and I'm weary from 5 weeks so I need to refuel.

jackie - many thaks for the hugs!!

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry you are going through such a terrible time right now, Dianne! It's so unfair. . . My thoughts are with you and take heart, the smug look on that man's face will be erased when Obama is elected president. Both my husband and I are working hard to make that happen. :)

Rest that leg. . .

jt said...


My friend and I coined a new word this week: bussish. As in, feeling like you were hit by a bus (which I suppose is better than being thrown under one). It's been a bussish week.

I'm relieved that the Republican hate speech has finally become "news," but it's horrifying that it's taken this long. I know the method of choice for Repubs since 9/11 has been the politics of fear, but I've never been afraid until Obama.

I'm not afraid of Obama, I'm afraid for him. Inspiring, progressive leaders have all too short of careers and the rhetoric from the people who hate him is just too inflammatory.

But I try not to think like that, because there isn't a damn thing I can do about it. What I can do is make phone calls and knock on doors and talk about hope. That makes me feel better.

*sends hugs and happy thoughts*

Cherie said...

Oh my dear, I'm so sorry about the ankle, and I am very sorry for the schmucks, all of them whether it's ones who park in handicapped spots or ones who have the effrontery to casually talk about a president being "whacked."

And I'm especially sorry about the arguement with your son. Just give the word, and I'll be happy to come over and be your lady in waiting. ;)

*many hugs*

kenju said...

Dianne, I am sorry about your ankle and I hope it can be resolved quickly and with little pain. You should report people who park in the handicapped spots without displaying their plaque. Sometimes I forget to hang ours from the mirror, but if someone reports me, at least I have it in the car.

Micky-T said...

That really sucks about "the ankle bone is connected to the knee bone" etc. Dang!
The mentality of the hard rights is getting scary all right. I had a talk with my very "right" brother today and it went very, very bad. He got me so pissed off, that I told him that. I never talk like that to my brothers. It ruined my whole afternoon, thinking of what he had said about who's to blame for so many losing their 401's etc.

Jeff B said...

Wishing you well on an otherwise crap filled day.

Kim said...


I'm sending healing energy and well wishes your way! Been thinking about you a lot lately, even though I've been "quiet" lately.

Dianne said...

lisa - I'm resting. Ya know how restless I am lol
thanks to you and hubby for all you're doing, it helps :)

jt - thanks for the happy thoughts and hugs. I get what you mean about bussish ;)

cherie - a friend and I once wrote this great song (drunk of course) called 'Send in the Schmucks' - it was hilarious - drunk anyway
the arguement with Jeff bothered me - and I'm barely speaking to Connie. They're thoughtless and self-involved Cherie and every time I really need them they let me down. Jeff not as much as Connie but ...
Add to that they don't react well to me saying what I mean, they're much more accustomed to "oh it's OK" and I guess a lot of that is my fault.

kenju - most cars here have the little permit sticker on the license plate as well as the tag that hangs from the mirror. It never dawned on me to report them lol
with all my taking charge of shit I can't believe I never thought of it!! lol
thanks for making me laugh and for the kind words

micky - it sucks when it affects friend and family. I've had more than a few "words" with people lately.

jeff - thanks sweetie. I hope to be upstream of the sludege soon ;)

kim- quiet has its moments. thanks for all good thoughts

Ron said...

Hi Dianne!

Hey...what a GREAT VENT!!!

I'm totally for LETTING IN OUT and screaming!!!

I think it's healthy! should see what I'm capable of when I let go!!! I look the Tasmanian Devil spinning around distroying everything in my path!@#@#@!!

Please know that I will send you MUCH good healing energy and love!

P.S. and doesn't thowing a coffee cup across the room feel AWESOME??!?

Love ya!

RiverPoet said...

You know, I think your "little friend" from the waiting room touched on one of my biggest fears - that Obama will be elected and then assassinated by some moron who still thinks we're in the 1800s. ((shudder))

Today I was in Staples trying to find just the right pens when some over-accessorized suburban mom went cruising by me with her shopping cart and her Bluetooth cyber-ear fulled engaged. She said, "Oh, I don't think it's as bad as the stupid liberal media is saying."

I didn't know if she was talking about the economy or Sarah Palin's abuse of power. I got my pens and left while painfully biting my tongue. I wanted to say, "Oooh, you get 50 points for using the latest Republican buzzword! DING DING DING!!!"


Peace - D

Betty said...

It just makes me want to tear out my hair when I hear people saying that they blame Bush for various problems and then turn right around and declare they're voting for McCain. If this election doesn't hurry up and get over with, I'm going to have to get back on Paxil.

I hate to see people parking in the places reserved for the handicapped, too. I console myself by trying to believe that their "handicaps" are mental.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, what a horrible conversation THAT was! See, this is the kind of thing that makes me want to take a BAT to that guys knees!
I understand your frustration, depression, anger, anxiety, etc.
I too was in tears any number of times yesterday and I realize the STRESS from this Financial Horror and The Election Horror have taken their toll on me, too---As well as some physical pains that are wearing, beyond words!
Have a piece of Chocolate. Have two! Turn on a good "escape" movie....
We all need a rest from life!
And especially with your physical pronlems---You need a BIG Escape!

I am hoping that things het better after October 15th....Please Dear God!
I send you (((((HUGS)))) Dianne.....

Mimi Lenox said...

I am sorry that you're having so much trouble with your ankle and had to endure such rudeness at the same time. But I do love your positive attitude and determination. Good for you. Sending prayers and positive thoughts.

Your peace globe has been placed in The Peace Globe Gallery.
You are officially peace globe #1118.
BlogBlast For Peace ~ November 6, 2008 is going to be awesome! See you there.

Carletta said...

Didn't see your name on the Wordzzle list.
Thanks for stopping by mine today.
Sorry to hear about your knee and ankle. I will continue to keep you in prayers and the hat guy too - he may seriously need it more than you.
Take Care.

Kerry said...

I hate the people who park in the handicapped spaces, too. It forces the retirees with the handicap permits to park in the "Stork" spaces. So my 38-weeks pregnant ass had to walk 200 yards across the parking lot, carrying a two-year-old. I've always said that if I had the time, I'd bring a lawn chair and camp out there all day.

Why is it that one always runs into the crazies in waiting rooms? I thought it was just me who had that problem.

As for your knee/ankle: hang in there. Remind yourself that it's better to know what the problem is, now it can be fixed! Right?

Sleepypete said...

My neighbour parks in disabled spaces too ... I spotted him up at our Mall doing it. He didn't spot me, he's the kind of person I'd cross the street to avoid.

Bastards ...

Hopefully he hasn't got long left on his lease.

the walking man said...

Kiddo...why argue with the son? He wants to cater to your every whim. Let him. Now that you threw the cup will he be able to match your excellent cleaning abilities or will you have to be satisfied with a substandard practice until you're able to do it yourself? Temper temper.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

This new great world upheaval is succinctly explained in the video

Yes it is the better part of an hour long but well worth the time investment if you want an explanation of how the system got to this point.

I have handicap passes for both cars. I could park in the spots all of the time but reserve the privilege for when I really need it. I do like brushing cars with my aluminum cane that don't have the proper documentation. I realize that some forget to display the placard but it usually is visible in the car somewhere.

Being from our generation...well all of our heroes have been assassinated, I think it a legitimate fear for Obama's life. Yet at the same time in order for him to lead effectively he has to remain somewhat accessible. And there in lies the conundrum. Will he have to take the bush tack of isolating his detractors to fenced off areas far away from where he is?

I doubt that his personal style would allow that. So his only hope is that the Secret Service is up to the job of a population full of fear and in a blood lust.

Patti said...

Hi Dianne,
I'm so sorry to read about all your pain with your ankle, and stupid asshats in Escalades who park in spaces reserved for the disabled.

Try to stay upbeat. I do know how difficult that can be. Life just doesn't get any easier, does it?

Ralph said...

I'm with you on the parking spaces. Since I use a power wheelchair, I can park and take up three spaces somewhere problem. However, if you have serious mobility issues you need to have the close-in parking available.

As an aside, I sense real hostility in the blogosphere toward anything republican. I have posted that I will not be voting for Obama, for valid reasons. Is there a place for me...with a different take. I'm gonna have to post about this again...

CG said...

Dear Dianne, my ankle sprain is not nearly so bad as yours but i've had a little taste of what it feels like to be in pain and incapacitated and IT SUCKS. Sending you lots of hugs.

It always scares me when normal, nice looking people turn out to have really extreme opinions. Like when a really sweet old lady told me she thought all gay people should be put in prison!!

Dianne said...

ron - I gotta admit that when the cup hit the door and shattered there was a momentary release of bad energy lol
thank you for always being so uplifting, I love that about you.

riverpoet - first of all I wish these rude morons who walk around talking into the air around them would just stop. it is, to me, the ultimate arrogance to think anyone needs to hear your conversations.

betty - I don't get them either. And I still believe that they're not voting FOR McCain, they are voting AGAINST Obama and I still hold that it is based on his color and his name. And that makes a whole lot of Americans pathetic to me.
Mentally handicapped eh? Good one :)

oldold lady of the hills - I am trying to be tolerant of my less than evolved co-citizens ;)
otherwise I'd be "whacking" a whole lot of knees.
thanks for the good wishes. you hang in there too :)

Dianne said...

mimi - thank you for all you do for Peace Blogging!! You're inspiring. And thanks for the good wishes - I am by nature very resilient, just a wee bit exhausted at the moment.

carletta - Finola is at a crucial crossroad and I just don't have the creative fuel to move her on. thanks for stopping by. I love your short paragraphs. I think that is much harder to do than using the words in a story.

kerry - I think you should let the 2 year old loose on their cars with a magic marker lol
imagine that!!!
as a friend of mine used to say all the time - "if assholes could fly we'd never see the sun"

sleepypete - I just don't get these people, I'm thrilled when I can get around. I don't need to park closer.

mark - I will watch the video once this morning's coffee kicks in. and this coffee is not flying anywhere.
I hope the SS is up to the task too!! And I hope all the positive energy I send the way of the Obama family actually makes it through the crap in the air - I like to think it does.

patti - I didn't know you used "asshats" it is my favorite!! how cool lol
thanks Patti for always being so positive.

ralph - if it hadn't been for the slope I wouldn't have cared about the spots being gone. but compromised balance and a hill just don't mix. I truly don't get these people.
I really am trying not to let my total anger and frustration at Bush and at the fringes of the Republican party color or change my basic tolerance and patience for all people. Unfortunately people like the guy in the waiting room are far more vocal than people like you and he did come off as though he were speaking for all McCain supporters. And then there are the ugly rallies. Even McCain can't control "his people". It is a difficult time isn't it?

cg - I've been thinking about you and your ankle a lot. It really is a challenge isn't it. The good thing is that people like us take from these experiences more empathy for those who have even more challenges than we do. Hopefully we overwrite the asshats :)

CrystalChick said...

You know where there are tons of handicapped spots... Home Depot. As if people with serious medical issues should be using power tools and climbing ladders.
So sorry for the news of having to see more docs, and surgery, etc. That's all got to be very difficult. I believe you will manage to find your way and things that help you get thru. Hang in there.
As for the office conversation, I've heard similar things too. It's terrible.
But on a good note, my MIL and FIL are voting for Obama!! They were for Hillary and when she lost they just didn't like Barack AT all and weren't sure they'de even vote. I really thought it came from her late father being racist and just having grown up with certain attitudes but whatever it was that she disliked so much is all gone. Their anger and disgust has turned to McCain. And when I asked my daughter when she took the baby to visit the other day if she said anything about Palin, my daughter said she probably couldn't repeat it. LOL
So there are two more votes!
I mentioned in another comment my friend who wasn't registered and I got on the phone with her hubby the other day to see if she'd be willing to register and give her vote to Obama. He totally went off on that suggestion. She did actually register, as our hubbies are in a Union and they sent forms out, but that Union is asking for it's mems to support Obama but neither of them will do it. They loved Ron Paul so because he's out of the race, they are going with the guy he's endorsed, a baptist pastor leading the Constitution party.
Whatever.... I'm not even going there. Atleast they are voting. :0

Akelamalu said...

Oh Dianne I'm so sorry to hear you're having such a bad time m'dear. Please accept some Reiki healing and a huge HUG. x

Farmer*swife said...

Hang in there. What a mess with your leg. Sheesh.

And, tt and the gang called you? At 2:30 in the morning? Gosh, those Gals are party animals!


Can't wait till she's back to recap the visit!!!

Happy Sunday!

Pagan Sphinx said...

Dear, dear Dianne! I was riveted to this post. Could not tear myself away from it for a moment. Because you are so lovely and human and honest. And because you deserve so many hugs and so much love. These I try to send to you virtually, but with a full heart.


fermicat said...

Sorry to hear about the medical troubles. As for political conversations, my husband and I decided to cease and desist having them with each other, especially when either of us has been drinking. It rarely ends well. We'll cancel each other out on election day, but still love and respect one another. But we argue about policy differences, not rumors or character. That makes a difference.

meno said...

I was reading an article in the paper this morning about the vitriolic hate that people spew at McCain rallies against Obama. Who knew that Republicans were such a bloodthirsty lot?

The Quiet Rage said...

Wish I could have been there to jump into your political conversation. I would have showed NO mercy and made him feel like the ignorant moron he is.

AND.... I love and respect your Nana.

bobbie said...

Been a little under the weather, so I'm just catching up today. Thank heaven for scheduling our posts ahead

But I am so sorry to hear of your further problems with the knee and ankle! I do understand what this kind of thing can mean, and I want to hug you too. Not to mention wanting to punch out people who take up handicapped spaces when they don't need to. And cops who don't do their jobs.

Thinking of you, if that helps any

Dianne said...

crystalchick - If I totalled correctly you have more friends/relatives votiing for Obama than not and that is a good thing :)

akelamalu - thank you Lady :)

farmers wife - it was such a cool call :) and it came at a perfect time!! I couldn't sleep and was making myself even more upset than I already was. TT sounds exactly like I expected and all 3 of them are sooooo adorable!

pagan - thank you! you always say the lovliest things in the most poetic way.
I feel the love, thanks :)

fermicat - I enjoy policy discussions, I learn so much but it almost always turns negative. My son is traditionally conservative. I don't know how the hell that happened!! I have avoided talking about the election with him and then found out he's voting for Obama. He said Palin clinched it for him. She was "a ridiculous choice". He has also since then decided the Republican party overall is full of far too many racists.

meno - they are freaking out at the prospect of losing and especially losing to Obama which proves their overall racism even more. McCain and Palin started this ugliness and now they can't even control their own rallies.

quiet rage - it is not worth fighting with such people. I've done it. I wouldn't have minded watching though, on a purely selfish level, I imagine you to be something to behold when letting loose ;)
Nana would have loved your blog

bobbie - the thinking of me helps a lot, thank you!! hope you feel better :)

Deborah Godin said...

My computer has been under the weather, so I have some catching up to do as well. Hope you are feeling better, mentally, physically etcetc. The photo of the 'static cat' made me chuckle - but after reading your post, I'm reminded of that other cat poster, the one with the kitten hanging from the crossbar, caption: "Hang in there Baby!" The only other thing I can add is that sometimes swearing like a sailor is the best option.

Jeni said...

Ah, Dianne -I know all too well the pain and misery involved with back/leg injuries and problems that keep on long after things are "supposedly" cured! I've had all kinds of issues of that ilk for the past five years when two discs in my lower back went "south" on me. Now, when people ask how I'm doing, I tell 'em "Well, if I'm up, out and walking about a bit, then things are going ok." (Regardless of how much the back may weird out on me and ache, as long as I can get out, even for a brief spell, I'm ok!" Of course, that doesn't cover the mental stuff and well, we just won't go there, will we?
It simply amazes the living daylights out of me how ridiculous the arguments so many conservatives/Repubs give in support of McCain and Caribou Barbie! Absolutely. Incredible! And does McCain ever listen to any of the propaganda his staff puts out in those "I approved this message" ads? Ludicrous and yet so many don't see it that way. Makes one wonder, for sure, about the intellect of many. BTW -if you have a chance, read the column for this week written by Leonard Pitts, Jr -about McCain/Palin -as usual, he's superb! (Writes for the Miami Herald -just google his name.) I can't think of any column this man has ever done that wasn't totally on the mark!
Now, rest, try to relax just a tad (yeah, I know but try, ok?) and hopefully, the leg/back issues will turn around, at least a little bit, for you.

Richard said...

Dianne: Our country has gone so far right, so close to the precipice of fascism, that people actually think that it's OK to spout the crap that Fox News and Rush Limbaugh feeds them.

I sat at breakfast today with a group of Baptists from my In-law's church here in Sun Lakes, Arizona. A man told me that all democrats were unpatriotic and another blamed the economic crisis on the poor people that Acorn helped.

I mentioned that the 62 trillion dolloars in credits swaps couldn't possibly be caused by the few millions spent on mortgages for poor folks, but the republicans were adamant in their beliefs.


We cannot fix these dummies and they can't die off soon enough it seems. The media is working hard to replace them with younger versions of bigots and right wingnuts.


Dianne said...

deborah - I hope your PC is behaving itself now. For some reason that cat made me think of Einstein :)
and yes, cursing does help lol

jeni - thanks lady. the not being able to get around and get things done is taking the biggest toll I think and I know you relate to that.

richard - the latest so called concern or insult is that Obama is a socialist and he is too far left. I have no problem arguing against that one since I actually think he's too centrist lol
If I had my druthers he'd be far more immediately progressive than he is and we'd get the US out of redneck crazy control even faster.

Rambling Woods said...

Oh Dianne..I am so sorry about your ankle and now knee and having to wait with a jerk. I started to get afraid for Obama in the last week listening to the anger of the idiots in the crowds. It really scares me, it really does. I too hate folks who part in the handicapped spots. I only use my sticker if I really need it and leave it for others worse off than me..I hate em..

Reb said...

Dianne, I am so sorry that your leg is not healing like it should. I used to (when I had a car) carry notepaper and pen with me so I could stick notes on cars in the handicapped stalls - Usually something like "they don't usually let mentally handicapped drive, good for you!" But then I've always been a sarcastic b*tch!

As for your waiting room fellow, when you went to the other side of the room you should have gotten out your cell phone and made like you were calling the SS to report the threats to Obama. Kept looking at him suspiciously and so on. Might have at least made him think twice about voicing threats like that.

Screaming is good for the soul - it gets air deep into your lungs and helps you to relax. If your son can't remember on his own, maybe you need to make a list for him. Bear in mind that he is probably a bit on the stressed side too, it is not easy realizing that your parents aren't superheros and his wife is probably complaining from the other side too.

Sending soothing and healing thoughts your way!

tt said...

Who loves you??????
I'm glad we were able to put a smile on your face...I heard it!!! AND...I'm glad you were in my purse so I could squeeze you....Hope it didn't hurt tooooo much :)'d you know who was who during our drunk-call??? You completely made my night!!!!! What a topper that was!!!!!!!!!!!

Trannyhead said...

What a bunch of jerks. I ALWAYS call people out when I see them parking in the preggo woman spots who aren't preggo. I heckled one guy who leaped out of the car and said, "you don't look pregnant to me, you bastard." And he got all pissed off. But really - what the hell is wrong with people?

Roger said...

I'm sorry to hear about your bad time Di, I hope it all gets better! :D

Smalltown RN said...

I am sorry to hear about the whole parking thing....funny in my smalltown there are more handicapped parking spaces than anything else...I end up driving round and round the block..where I stop nobody

As for you knee,ankle....omg girl that sucks the big one....geesh...keep us posted as to what is decided...and hey watch those steps ..ok...

Now as for politics in the waiting rooms....can be a very sticky there's nowhere to go if you find for the getting "whacked" you know i have heard that many very sad is that....goes to show you racism is still alive and kicking....sad commentary of our times...

Hilary said...

Sorry to hear that your ankle hasn't healed as it should yet and that you're feeling so much stress. I hope this new cast will help to ease the pain. Sending healing thoughts your way.

Matt-Man said...

I hope things work out well soon on the injury front. As for the guy, I would have laid into him, but that's how I roll. Cheers Di!!

the teach said...

Oh Dianne, I was there with you from the parking lot where people are SO thoughtless as to park in handicapped spaces when they're NOT handicapped! To the jerk in the waiting room who had the GD nerve to suggest that a terrible fate will come to Obama! I'm so sorry about your ankle, very sorry. You don't deserve this kind of trouble!!

Let's rejoice that there is some good news about the stock market this morning... :)

Dianne said...

rambling - I'm afraid for Obama and for US!! I don't want to share MY country with these creatures - shouting out Osama and kill him and yelling about socialism when they have a 2nd grade vocabulary!!
I have a temp handicapped thingie and I do the same as you. If I can walk the extra distance I do.

reb - I love sarcastic bitches!! and thank you for the healing and soothing thoughts - they matter a lot to me.
My son is a good soul and overall an incredibly thoughtful person. He has always been under the impression that I am stronger than Superman - an impression I fostered for sure BUT at his age I expected a bit more something ... I'm sure you're right about how stressful he finds this and yes, my DIL needs to be the center of the universe so ... I don't know

tt - isn't it freaky that I KNEW each of your voices!! After we hung up I realized that and it was so cool and odd. I guess we truly did all know each other in another life.
You Rock Sweetie!

tranny - he pissed at you!!? what an asshat!

roger - thank you sweetie ;)

smalltown rn - I truly didn't want to get into a debate/argument with this guy - as I said I was in pain and tired and I tend to respect other people's space although we were alone. It shocked me most because he seemed so "normal" until then and it made me even more frustrated because had I said something first given his McCain/Palin cap I would have heard the usual crap about how all the hate is directed at them. Back to my theory that the Republicans are like school yard bullies - they do the deed and then point elsewhere. McCain should be ashamed of himself for throwing fuel on these ignorant fires.

hilary - I should know that I just can't do anything the easy way LOL
thank you for the kind words - I appreciate them.

matt-man - I love the way you roll - and ROCK !!!

teach - ya know I was thinking last night how glad I am to be part of the blogging community. all the support and fun and kind comments truly make a difference. I can only talk to friend and family for so long before it gets old - plus I think many of you get me better than they do!

Anndi said...

When I have a day like that... I let out a primal scream. Helps me.

Oh... and squishing a roll of bubble wrap. Seriously, I keep some on hand for days like this.


Ivanhoe said...

Oh honey. I'm sorry about your knee and ankle. That totally sucks! Do you want me to move in for a few moths? I'll take care of you. I'm highly trained ;o)

Dianne said...

anndi - I LOVE bubble wrap!!

ivanhoe - that would be a dream come true!!

Linda Reeder said...

First, your restraint with the hat guy in the Doc's office was amazing! There are scary people out there who live in ignorance and prefer it that way. You can't save them from themselves, but I wish the rest of us could be delivered from them!
I am sorry about your ankle, and now knee, problem. As much as I appreciate those who work in the medical profession, I don't like to have to be at their mercy or under their control. I just hope something good happens each day that raises your spirits.

Dianne said...

linda - what a really lovely comment! thank you - it's very early in the AM and I just couldn't sleep so your comment definitely raised my spirits.

Diane Mandy said...

I'm sorry you've been having such a rough time of it. And to have to endure that crazy old man was just insult to injury.

Is this election bringing out the worst in people, or what?

Sparkling Red said...

I've been praying for your ankle to get better!

And on a much less spiritual note, I kind of hope that someone whacks that awful man.

CrazyCath said...

And suPPOSED to be a friend and I'm LATE!
Sorry - that I'm late, that you are in so much pain, that you had to put up with that in the waiting room and had to deal with everything else.

Hope you're feeling better now.

CrazyCath said...

PS I love love LOVE that picture at the beginning of this post. Hilarious.

Dianne said...

diane - the election is very stressful. thanks for the good wishes.

sparkling - I appreciate the prayers! and the less than spiritual too

cath - don't worry kid
the ankle is pretty much gonna suck for at least another 10 days
I'm hanging in
I love that cat - he reminds me of Einstein LOL