Saturday, October 25, 2008

... So Go The Wordzzles of Our Lives

Before we get to Wordzzle – I had my big fat miserable ugly crappy sucky trashy cast removed Thursday. My leg and ankle look sooooo slender. I’m contemplating a full body cast. My skin is so raw it is flaking off!! It’s a DNA festival round here.

As usual there’s a whole long tale of woe and oh but I’ll cut to the chase. Ankle is better but is not fully healed. Other ankle shows signs of tendon weakness as well. Going to try physical therapy and consult with super duper big head smart ass orthopedic dude.

One more order of business – I put up a new ‘Tales of Two Kitties’ slideshow at THE PHOTO BLOG. It’s mostly Mia but please don’t tell Siren.

And now without further interruptions … It’s Time to Wordzzle

Build-a-bear workshop
Man bites dog
Lipstick stain
Smoky quartz
Clothes pin
Falling leaves

Panorama Pendegrass came to the mall nearly every day. She parked at the far end of the lot and took her time walking along the landscaped paths to the entrance. She enjoyed the sound of her feet swishing through the dry leaves. A sudden gust of wind created a shower of falling leaves. Panorama stood still and watched the colors land around her. The mall was quite opulent; the décor was meticulous, with smoky quartz fixtures and marble corridors. The preponderance of trendy upscale boutique shops attracted a clientele of rich bored women, especially during the day.

Panorama made her way down the main corridor. She wasn’t in a hurry but her steps definitely had purpose. She paused for a moment at ‘Disparaging Denim’ – subtle strains of new age music filtered out the door and mountains of jeweled jeans filled the walls. Next door at ‘Lipstick Stain’ several young women were getting makeovers. Their chatter battled with the music for control of the corridor air. Panorama moved on – she turned the corner on to a smaller less trafficked corridor. The old style newsstand caught her eye – ‘Man Bites Dog’ - screamed a tabloid headline. Right above that was a photo of Dina Lohan. “Hmmmm” Panorama mumbled. “Wonder if she’s the man or the dog?”

Panorama had arrived at her destination. She stood in front of the Build-A-Bear workshop staring at the bear in the window. Cathy Bear was wearing a gingham shirt under pink overalls; a glittery purple scarf was attached to her pocket with a small shiny clothes pin. Her sneakers were also purple, tied with silver laces. She was a sweet bear – both fragile and sturdy – very girly but with an aura of purpose and importance.

And she was identical to the bear Finola had cherished as a little girl.

Seat belt

Pickles Panorama Pendegrass tightened her seat belt and took a deep breath. Her skin was in dire need of moisturizing but they would be in Chicago soon, a trip to the bathroom during landing was not only forbidden but would most likely cause her to take a head first flip-flop into the lap of the gentleman in 16e. He was wearing a McCain/Palin cap; for Pickles that alone was enough reason to keep him at a distance. Besides she needed to be in tip-top shape, no sudden flip-flop injuries for her, she was off to find her granddaughter Finola.

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Raven said...

Ah, interesting shift in the story line. I look forward to finding where this takes us. Your Mr. Linky link took us to the wonderful slide show, just so you know. Must say that I had a feeling the cats were channeling their beloved human with some of their stair comments. Empathy.

Bear Naked said...

Well you know I've got to love this one don't you.
Are we going to have more adventures concerning Cathy Bear?
I hope so.

Bear((( )))

Shelly said...

Body cast..rofl.
A new character, yay!

Melli said...

You THREW ME OFF with the new profile picture! I was sure I was in the wrong place! Thought a whole 'nuther Dianne was reading me! LOL! It's CUTE!

Oh my gosh! PICKLES Panorama Pendegrass? Man! We better not put ANY more P words out there! This woman will have a name six miles long! LOL! Sooooo... HOW many people do we have searching for Finola now? The Lovee couple, Pavarotti, and grandma... I would suppose the police and some school officials too... Hmmmm... I wOnder WHO will get to her FIRST?! Your options are wIDe open aren't they?!

Dianne said...

raven - having multiple blogs is a bit much for me at times, especially since I made the address so similar!! I thought I was being cute but forgot about my empty head moments.
I am convinced that Mia was sent here by sweet departed JR. JR was so connected to me it was amazing and so now Mia is showing the same talent. Jeffrey swears she limps when she follows me LOL!!!

bear - I was absolutely thinking of you when I introduced Cathy :)
I hope you like how I dressed her!!

shelly - ya think the cast could work ;)

melli - I was so tired of looking at me standing by the waterfall! that pic is me with my nieces and nephew, there were feet and hands flying everywhere lol
I figured it was time to show my face - you guys love me by now so it felt safe
I do have so many options and that's exciting. I think I'm going to expand the town of Waterloo and have more simultaneous story lines going on - kinda like a soap opera :)

DivaJood said...

Poor Pickles. Moisturizing and needing the loo all at once.

Tammy said...

Woohooo you got your cast off!!! Miracle Glove is a great lotion for dry skin.

Richard said...

I love the way you brought this back to Finola. And you must know how much we all love your comments and insight on all things political and social. Heal up will ya?


Dianne said...

jood - pickles is always in a pickle! (lord that's awful!!)

tammy - thanks for the tip!

rich - Panaorama made a cameo in one of Finola's earliest installments - and I just suddenly wanted her back and well - I don't know where the hell Pickles came from!
thanks for kind words. I'm healing as fast as I can :)

Chatty said...

I love Panorama's name. Also, "Lipstick Stain" as a make-up emporium, and "hmmm, wonder if she's the man or the dog" cracked me up! I do hope she finds her granddaughter.
And, congratulations on getting the cast off! What a relief. I was laughing out loud when you suggested a body cast for slimming - if it worked, I'd be tempted to try it! And the phrase "DNA festival" re flaking skin also had me in stitches. I do hope they sell moisturizer by the quart, and that it works for you fast! That whole flaking skin issue is what would probably make me back away from a body cast treatment ; )

Dr.John said...

And the story goes on. Who will get to Finola? Well it be a good reunion or not. You have so many options because you have done such a wonderful job of story telling.
Glad the cast is off.

Michael Manning said...

dianne: I am heartened that your cast is now off. A friend of mine is a Marathon runner who broke her ankle badly. But she will receive her physical rehab where I have been since April. It is entirely possible and she plans on resuming her Marathon running at 50, as I walked over to give her a word of encouragement. My thoughts are with you. And thank you again, for remembering dear Gunner! (((HUGS)))

Dianne said...

chatty - as the itching and peeling increases I realize there is a flaw in my body cast scenario !!! glad you liked all my silliness :)

dr john - thank you, such kind words, I appreciate it :)

michael - thanks, an inspiring story.
as for Gunner - he is impossible to forget.
hugs Michael.

Shelly said...

BTW, I dig the new profile photo!

Daryl said...

Clever ... and you are such a good writer ..

I leave more DNA on the insides of my wool pants then I ever thought possible .. try Sarnia or is it Sarna .. anyway its really good for dry skin ... good luck with the ortho dude


Dianne said...

shelly - thanks!! I have so few photos of me. Even this one I had to crop out all the people I was surrounded by.

daryl - thanks, I appreciate that.

Travis said...

Good luck with the physical therapy. My mom got lucky earlier in the year. She took a bad step and broke her lower leg. But it healed quite well and she's as good as new now.

I hope you have a simliar happy ending with your injury.

Dianne said...

travis - thank you so much
I'm glad your Mom did so well.

Cherie said...

I am so behind. Sorry that it's taken me so long to comment. 1) I'm glad you got the cast off and that you're headed to PT. 2)Very amused by the latest installment with Ms. Pickles Panorama Pendegrass. And cool that the mini & the full sized Worddazle were interrelated. Do you usually do that? I don't know that I've consistantly looked at the mini's.

Lu' said...

Ha our names were similar :). That sure sounded like a sweet bear.