Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Sunday Shout-Out

I know I said I was going to call it "pimping" but hell, it's Sunday and I'm nothing if not holy.

This is my second shout-out about a blog I like and recommend.

I know ROBIN from the many photo memes that we both participate in. Her photographs are wonderful. She lives in Israel and shares both daily life and bits of history with us. Her blog is aptly titled 'Around the Island' because she has a kitchen to just simply die for. No matter how many times her site opens I always take a moment to be happy for her - if I knew how to do a strikeout that would read - grossly envious.

And since serendipity and perfect timing are so me (along with the holiness) I'm giving this shout-out on the day that Robin is starting her very own photo project - I really hate the word meme.

Robin's new photo project is 'Summer Stock Sunday' - where you can share photos that represent summer to you.

My contribution for the inaugural episode of SSS is this boat speeding out of the Keyport Marina on its way to (I assume) Dah Joisey Shaw (the New Jersey Shore).

Take a moment and check out all ROBIN'S blog has to offer - starting with that kitchen.


Robin said...

I'm with you - I called it a photo project because I have to admit that I really don't like the word meme either.

What I do like though is this shot - it makes me long to get out onto the water. It's a great choice for SSS, thanks for sharing it.

PS You should have seen the kitchen twenty minutes before I took that shot ;-).

barb said...

I'm not much for salt water boating, but I do love getting out on the lake. Fabulous way to spend a lovely summer's day!

This Eclectic Life said...

My gosh you make me want to find a body of water for a swim. Then a boat ride to air dry. I love it.

Jay said...

You're not gonna believe this but, just yesterday afternoon I got a new follower on Twitter. And that person replied to Robin a couple of times so I clicked on Robin's twitter page and saw the link to her blog and thought it was really cool and added it to my reader.

And today you give Robin a shout-out. That's pretty freaky. ;-)

CG said...

Oh, I love that kitchen and her red mixer.

Travis said...

Now the water makes me nervous sometimes because I don't swim, but I've always enjoyed boating. And that photo looks like a great summer outing.

Dianne said...

robin - even messy it's a great kitchen, the island is so cool

barb - I prefer the lake too

eclectic - thanks!! I love the smell of the air at the shore

jay - another example of how we're connected, that's a really cool coincidence!

CG - I know!!

travis - I can't swim either which is why I prefer piers ;)

maryt/theteach said...

Dianne, how nice of you to do a complete post on Robin's me...ah, photo project. Wish we had a boat but I understand the upkeep is a bitch! :)

Raven said...

I don't know how to do strike-outs either. What a nice shout out. I've always liked Robin's photos... and I agree about her kitchen, but from photos you've posted of your kitchen, it's pretty awesome too. Some time over the next week, I'm hoping to post the preliminary sketches for what Delaware Opportunities is going to do for my kitchen. They are amazing.

Your photo looks like summer to me. I miss swimming and the water. One of the drawbacks to never leaving your house.

bobbie said...

You are the second person to call my attention to this new project. Sounds like a fun one. If I had the energy I'd join in, but feel I do too many now.

I think your boat heading out for a day of fun is the perfect shot. Daryl's is also a little pleasure boat (Named "Kitty", so I had to send it to my daughter).

Akelamalu said...

That's a great shot Dianne. I'll go take a look at Robin's blog now. :)

Thorne said...

I love this shot! Especially the lavenders of the horizon that are reflected in the water. Go, Diane!

Deborah Godin said...

Thanks for the tip, will check it out; like your boat shot too. You goils have fun!!

Julia Smith said...

Great shout-out for Robin. Love your Summer Stock shot, as well as the thumbs-up one in your sidebar.

Nessa said...

I know it's almost summer when the boats are towed out of the marinas down the street I live on.

Dianne said...

mary - if I had a boat it'd be on my lawn thus completing the white trash stereotype - hehehehehehe

raven - thanks , I do have a nice kitchen but it's too small for an island which I have always wanted
I'm so excited for you!!

bobbie - I rotate what I take part in, keeps it fun and helps me take photos for all kinds of reasons :)

akelamalu - thanks
you'll like Robin

thorne - thanks lady!!

deborah - us goils just wanna have fun ;)

julia - thank you!
the thumbs up photo is my favorite from the inauguration :)

nessa - I bet it's nice to live that close to the marina :)

Sylvia K said...

Love your boat shot, I do love being on the water! And I'll check out Robin's blog! Thanks for the tip! Hope you've had a good weekend!

Bim said...

Great boat shot - the ultimate summer experience indeed.

Dr.John said...

It always feels good to recommend a blog worth looking at.

Anonymous said...

Great shout out...I'm going to give it a look. Coming from you well it must be excellent :)

the walking man said...

But why is the oven so low? Oh my aching back.

Seeing as I don't do pictures let me participate in this project by giving you a few words that represent summer to me.

Picture a heavily bearded man of fat sitting on a divan, sans shirt but in holey thread worn boxers (of course) sweaty and flatulent, too cheap to turn the air conditioner on. Enjoying the lazy days of heat prostration and laughing at the frustration of the working nation fraught with their frustration at having to be well dressed and essentially clean...Imagine a man retired
is what summer means.

Matt-Man said...

I hope that boat doesn't run over a dead body and flip. Cheers Di!!

Jientje said...

That's a great shout out for Robin's new photo challenge, and you're right, she deserves it! It looks like you did a great job with this, because there are already a lot of people participating! Love your picture, it's perfect for this meme!

Jessica The Rock Chick said...

Ok, all these summer photos have me craving a day at the lake!!! That just looks like so much fun. I love being on the water-which by the way, looks incredible in this shot! Nice!!!

Dianne said...

sylvia - you'll like robin :)

bim - yes it is :)

dr. john - it does, brings the community together :)

thom - well thank you!!

walking man - my oven is low too, good thing I don't cook anymore ;)

matt-man - we only dump our bodies on the NY side

jientje - it is really taking off, I'm glad for robin

jessica - thanks :)
it's a pretty little marina and they work hard to keep it clean

Ivanhoe said...

I love all kinds of ships and boats. I cannot wait for the summer to get here. We've had somewhat unseasonably low temps lately. Where are my 70s & 80s? :o)

Janet said...

oooh would that I were on that boat! Lovely shot :-) And I love the pictures on your sidebar!

Linda said...

Yes, the word 'meme' is actually supposed to be spelled 'lame' but there was a typo at the printers! 'Project' is so much better of a word!

Oh to Dah Joisey Shaw, eh? I actually remember Seaside Heights with fondness from my days stationed at McGuire. Best skeeball evah!

Daryl said...

Wasnt Summer Stock Sunday fun? Of course you pimped her, so did I, Robin is definitely someone worth pimpin!

And you 'says summer' sure does!

CrystalChick said...

Ooh, I love photos so I'll definitely take a look over at Robin's place.
Nice boat picture.

Liberality said...

I like shout out better than pimping but that's just me...

Shelly said...

Ahh...summer. Finally.
It sounds like a fun m/ project. I'll pop on over and give it a lookie see.
Your photo makes me want to head down to the marina and hitch a ride!
Heck with that giant list of farm chores...a girl needs to have some fun.

Anonymous said...


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