Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Baby Shower

It was taking me forever to put this together because I was getting caught up in my own mishegas. Forking off into all sorts of stuff - materialism, family dynamics, sexism, over-population ...

And while I feel all my views make sense the post started to carry less and less celebration. And then Nana was in my head ...

We were sitting together and I was going on and on about something and she just stopped me "Oh Dianne, what's with all the rigamarole!? It's not the end of the world, not many things are, enough - you're making yourself crazy."

And of course she was right. I called myself Nana out loud for the first time at the shower. I had been hesitant, thinking there is only one Nana, thinking I wanted something sexier or stronger - like Supreme Goddess or Matriach of all Matters or ... you get the picture. The thing is I honor Nana by wanting to be like her. And I truly honor her by doing all I can to bring the families together and to make the world this baby lives in as happy and peaceful as possible. It hit me that Nana compromised all her life but never once did I ever feel she was anything but her own person - with strong ideals and a clear sense of what she felt was just. She did it quietly and with grace. And a whole lot of humor.

So here's some stuff about the shower ...

The setting was beautiful. This is the outside of the restaurant in Northern NJ ...

The tables were lovely. The chocolate bunnies were handmade by my SIL. Actually she and my brother have been divorced for years but we all get together all the time.

We're not a game playing group - we're an eat and drink group. After talk about all the dozens of baby shower games out there it was decided 'Baby Gift Bingo' was the least annoying. Before the gift opening begins you fill in all the squares with names of things that baby needs --- stroller, socks, blankie and so on. As Connie called out what she was opening you cross off until you get Bingo. There were little dish sets and photo frames as prizes.

Here's the Bingo card in action ...

The shower was given by Connie's Mom and her brother's girlfriend. Connie's brother is one of the owners of the restaurant. I'm going to do a post about the restaurant soon. It is a great place and deserves a plug.

Connie's Mom was worried about every detail and then Jeffrey called to say they were outside and she was so anxiously happy. Her son always teases her when she's like that. His girlfriend is one of the most poised and positive people I have ever met. She calls me "Mamma" and treats me like a Queen. She is an actress. Was on Broadway in the 'Putnam County Spelling Bee' along with being in many road companies. She is currently awaiting callbacks for several major roles.

I love this photo because it pretty much shows everything I just said ...

Connie was lured to the restaurant under the guise of a belated celebration for Jeffrey's birthday and Mother's Day - both of which had been the weekend before. Two of her cousins were an hour late and ran into her in the parking lot. After careful consideration Connie's Mom let them live.

The moment was still joyful ...

Jeffrey got pulled deeper and deeper into the room even though he tried his best to get out of there and go watch a ballgame down the road. He was charming as always ...

There was a lively discussion going on about the birth canal and crowning and umbilical cords. It's amazing what a room full of women will share. I turned around and here was Jeffrey's face ...

All I can say about the next two shots is - Holy Crackers! Babies need a lot of stuff ...

Mom-To-Be enjoyed opening all the gifts. She was adorable when she read out each card and thanked each person. At the end she was clearly overwhelmed when she tried to tell everyone how much she loved them ...

The blanket is mint green - not blue, no clues here. Jeffrey insisted on waiting until the baby is born. He says it is one of the last real, true surprises left in the world. He wants that moment of telling everyone - "It's a ..." - I think he's right.

Everyone left with a sweet little party favor. Lenox cat scupltures - some were candy dishes, others were candle holders.

And here we are. I think this photo tells a bit about us.
Connie's Mom is a little shy
Connie is beaming
Jeffrey is thanking heaven above that we all got along
And I'm a bit like a deer in the headlights - 4 hours of smiling, not cursing, and not having an opinion about everything. Ha!

Vin - before you start, I swear I am going to do a "breast pump" related post. Connie is getting me an extra set of materials from the lactation nurse. Hehehehehehe.

So the baby is due in 4 weeks. As Nana would say - "Oy! It's a baby, everyone relax."


Micky-T said...

That was FUN......meeting your family!

Hell of a bash you had there.

Oy! It's a baby.

I'm totally relaxed!

Melli said...

Oh your daughter in law is SO cute! And positively GLOWING! And HOLY COW that's a LOT of gifts! They are GIFTED with a LOT of friends and family I would say! What a blessed baby!

Now, I must say... Nana... you do not get to PICK "who" you will be. I only got to pick because MY first one came to me 3 years old. But everyone knows that the first grandbaby gets to NAME YOU!!! My mother wanted ONLY to be Grandmommy. And hard as she tried to convince ALLLLLLLL 22 granchildren to call her that - all she ever WAS called was GAMMY! LOL! And I have a very good friend who tried to call herself Diva - and her hubby PopPop -- and they wound up Deeda and Boppa! And so it sticks, and so it shall forever be! ROFL! (I must admit though, that I chose Nana because it's hard to mess up for the futures!)

Raven said...

Your daughter-in-law is truly radiant and this looks like it was a lovely event. She made quite a nice haul there. I'm so excited for you, Nana Dianne. You will be a bestest grandma in the world. I'm sure we're going to see lots of pictures of the new baby... I hope.

That restaurant looks truly lovely too. Bright and beautiful. Baby shower bingo is cool.

The baby is due in July? One of my peeps... a little Cancer child. I'm guessing it's going to be a girl. Do they have names picked out? Yippee! Babies are joy! Thanks for sharing the party.

Anonymous said...

Well Queen of the Bite Your Tongue. What an absolute wonderful time you all had and thanks so much fir sharing this amazing shower your DIL is so pretty and you son very handsome. Three cheers to him for not wanting to know. It is so much better that way. Nana it is from now on then. Gonna demo the breast pump and post it for us? I've never seen one in use LOL. Thanks for the great post. Have they decided on George or Laura yet? ROFLMAO

Cherie said...

Oh Thom! And you were being so GOOD too! *zing* There's an evil side to you that I never suspected ... and I like it! LOL I should have been clued in the other day when one of the random photos in your side bar showed one of your friends giving you the finger. heh-heh-heh

Oh Nana! I've admired your Nana from the very first time that you mentioned her. And that sounds like a great party. I've got to say that the Bingo thing is the only shower game that I've ever heard of that actually sounds fun. LOL You did such a beautiful job recording it. Now, the baby just has to decide when it wants to be born. :)

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! I believe she is going to have a girl and what a lucky little girl she will be to have a Nana like you. And if by chance I'm wrong, he will be a lucky little boy.
That was some baby shower. Looks like every one had a wonderful time.
Beautiful restaurant. Lisa

Kay said...

YAY for baby showers! My cousin is due in June as well... yay for new babies!

kenju said...

It is so nice to see the photos - great looking bunch, BTW. Congrats on becoming a grandma/nana and I will hope for a safe delivery!

Dianne said...

Micky - I'm glad you're relaxed! LOL

Melli - she is cute, thanks
my son called my Mom Gammy, I love that
you do have a point that it's the baby's choice but I can be persuasive ;)

raven - there will be so many pictures of the baby you'll be begging me to stop

thom - bastard! is always the first word I want to say to you LOL
but anyway - it was a wonderful day and little Barack or sweet Michelle will have a wonderful life ;)

cherie - thom is always like that! the bastard!! but yes, he's still kinda cute
I love that you love Nana, you always did enjoy my stories, thanks
I took over 500 shots
I am making a photo book for Connie and for her Mom and one to be sent to Greece and ...
makes me happy to do that

lisa - a lot of people say girl :)
I did for the longest time and then the other day I had a dream and Jeffrey was holding a baby boy

kay - Babies are the best :)

Dianne said...

kenju - they are a beautiful couple, thanks :)

Linda said...

Oy! It looks like you had a totally marvelous time and that looks like one very classy baby shower, too!

I'm not big on games either when it comes to those sorts of gatherings; I'd rather just eat, chat, and watch the guest of honor open presents! Speaking of which, I hope your son has a truck - a very big truck!

I think it's so cool that Jeffrey doesn't want to know what they are having - yay for him!! I asked someone the other day at work if anyone ever waited anymore to find out what they were having and was resoundingly told "NO!" I'm glad that they were wrong.

No relax, Nana, you've got four more weeks to contemplate the whole wonderful word of grandmotherism! I've been at it for almost four years now come to think of it!

Dianne said...

Linda - Jeffrey had his pick-up and then I was with a friend who has an SUV, and still 2 other people had to help!
and that wasn't even all of it
every day something arrives from Greece or from people who couldn't attend
Jeffrey keeps saying this baby better come with storage ;)
this week I'm doing a dry run to the hospital to make sure I know how to get there
Connie and I are often home here just the 2 of us

Jay said...

Was there an open bar? I don't go to anything like that unless there's an open bar.

That looks like it was a pretty cool party though. And a really nice looking restaurant.

Mrs. C said...

May God bless you and your upcoming Nana status. I'm glad you will be there for your grandchild and be able to put aside your differences.

I wish all of us could have that! We can't choose our family... well, unless we change our name to "Mrs. C" and move out of state LOL. :p

Leendaluu said...

Mazel Tov. Looks like a fabulous day. Your Nana rocks.

bobbie said...

A super shower!

Your wrestling with "Nana" is typical of you. I think (from this distance) that you and Nana are much alike, and she would be very proud of you. I'm sure she WAS very proud of you anyway. You'll be a great Nana!

Travis said...

Nice work Jeffrey...the points accumulate and you got big tallies for staying in that room full of estrogen.

I guess we could call you Nana Supreme. How low do we genuflect?

Queen-Size funny bone said...

wow what a beautiful shower. Looks like she made quite a haul. People need all the help they can get these days.

Sylvia K said...

Looks like a fabulous shower! And you all look as though you're having a grand time -- even Jeffrey! My very best wishes and hopes for a healthy, beautiful baby in 4 weeks! It'll be a great day, Nana-to-be!

Jeni said...

Looks to me like Jeffrey is right about the baby had best come with storage! I love baby showers though -so much fun and so many pretty, soft and sweet little things.
About the name thing for you though -my Mom's mother was always called Grandma whereas my Dad's Mom was Grammy. My mother hated the idea of being called Grammy, preferred Grandma but initially, my older daughter just called her Mum-Mum and she was fine with that. I on the other hand, wanted to be called Grammy. But to differentiate for my older grandson between me and his other Grandma, I became "Grammy J" and she was simply Gram. Sometimes the older grandson calls my Grammy Jeni, but most of the time now, he and Maya both just call me Gram -Kurtis says his version of Grammy and the step-grands call me Grammy Jeni these days -except for the oldest who doesn't call me anything!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It sure looks FABULOUS! The Table looked Beautiful and I have never seen so many Presents! WOW! How sweet that she was so touched by the whole shower....Baby Showers are so filled with joyous things!

gabrielle said...

Barack a toy i dont know. Hello halo michelle alum.

Connie is radiant and full as a strawberry moon. Jeffrey so reverent and expectant.

Great party!!! A green blanket. An unexpurgated celebration of new life.

May you step into Nana's shoes twitching and railing. Just what she would have smiled on.

Where can I get a breast pump? It sounds like fun.

the walking man said...

Sorry I am with Jeffery, that look is "Where is the door and how much trouble will I be in if I hit it at run and drive like a bat out of hell before Nana can stop me?"

CrystalChick said...

I'll be planning a little baby shower for my daughter in a couple of months.... nothing like that production though... wow! Looks like a really nice place and everyone was having a good time. Thanks for sharing.
Hey, I might borrow the bingo game idea!
Terrific pictures!
You are going to make a wonderful Nana!!

Dianne said...

jay - there was an open bar! I behaved though - liquor and loose lips not a good Nana thing ;)

mrs c - thank you :)
I am going to do my best

leendaluu - she did rock, thank you :)

bobbie - it is typical of me LOL
Oy Me

travis - he totally scored major points for staying! some of the other husbands called him that night to yell at him

queen size funny - we were going thru stuff this weekend, washing baby clothes and she was making a list of stuff she still needed! Oy!!

sylvia - thank you!! Jeffrey was happy that she was happy :)

jeni - well the other Grandma will be Yaya so there won't be much confusion
although I just learned that yaya in Greek is Nana so we come full circle

oldold lady of the hills - I thought of you when I saw the table, I really did
She was genuinely overcome :)

gabrielle - I love the Yiddish!! ;)
I will be a twitchin' and a railin' - count on it!

walking man - oh hell I agree! some of the talk was disturbing ;)

crystalchick - personally I like less formal events - I'm a backyard kind of girl
the Bingo game is fun - there's all this conversation when they're filling out the forms and then lots of shouts of Bingo during the endless gift opening

Ivanhoe said...

Finally! :o)
I'm glad you behaved, Nana.
You have to tell me what heritage your DinL has. She looks like there is a bit of a Greek in her... I've been thinking and guessing...You gotta tell me!

Jacob said...

Well, I'd say a good time was had by all - except for the bingo, of course! ;-)

Nice photos of a nice place with lots of nice people.

Can't get much better than that!

Nessa said...

A beautiful shower, very elegant and a boat load of prezzies. The parents to be are adorable.

I have my daughter's shower next weekend and her mil is doing one in July. My daughter is due in September and she HAD to know - she's having a boy.

Matt-Man said...

I find pregnant chicks hot...What with their boobs all lactose engorged and what not. Cheers Di!!

CG said...

I feel like I was there! It sounds great...we don't really do baby showers in the UK. I would have loved a party like this.

Casdok said...

Not long to go then! How exciting!
Beautiful photos - loved the one of Jeffrey's face!

Bob-kat said...

I think my face might have looked like Jeffrey's too with those conversations! LoL!

What a great set of photos and you look great as does the mum to be :) Glad to hear that the lovely actress treated you like a Queen as you deserve it! Seems like a wonderful time was had by all and the mum-to-be looks radiant.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't expect anything less from you oh Queen of the Leftist Tax Burdening Obama Administration

Sparkling Red said...

You're right - that's quite the stack of gifts for one little tiny baby! Babies need a lot of STUFF.

I'm glad to hear that the shower was a sucess. I can relate to your shell-shocked look after hours of enforced socializing. That's what I looked like by the end of my wedding reception.

Hugs and kisses to you, the New Nana! :-) And blessings upon the new baby.

Natalie said...

Wow, that's coming right up, isn't it? I love that they don't want to know the gender until the little one emerges. I don't think I could handle the anticipation, but I love when everyone else does it!

The shower looked absolutely decadent! I can't wait to see and read more about your transition to Nana. She'd be so proud of the way you are handling things. You said it absolutely perfectly - create compromise in situations, not in who you are.


San said...

What a great family and what a great party and what a haul for the expectant parents!

You did good with this post, Nana.

Betty said...

Nice to see everyone having fun. Great photos.

fermicat said...

Love those photos. Looks like a great time. And as always, the Nana stuff is wonderful.

Smalltown RN said...

What a great story...but what an amazing shower...oh things are so different from when I had my children...we didn't do things like this....a fancy restaurant for a baby shower! Holy crap batman...sometimes I have things over indulgent...sorry to say this would be one of them...yes all look very happy...but at the end of the day..isn't it the family and the baby that should be happy....if friends want to give gifts...give a gift of babysitting...or cooking a meal in the early days when baby is home.....

Everything at the shower looked gorgeous...and very elegant...

Here's to happy baby days!!!

Dianne said...

ivanhoe - all Greek
Jeffrey on the other hand is
Native American
and we have
Jewish - Nana
Catholic - my parents
Baptist - Jeff's Dad
quite a wonder eh? :)

jacob - mom to be was happy and that was the main thing, thanks for the visit! :)

nessa - I know! I've been reading your posts
sorry about all your internet issues!!

matt-man - I'll tell Jeffrey ;)

CG - they are a bit much though - people register for gifts and there's just way too much money involved
one woman told me she keeps track of how much people spent on each of her kids!!!!

casdok - thanks - I love that one too :)

bob-kat - he was such a good sport! my face was killing me when I got home ;)
I drank all night LOL

thom - oh stop, you're upsetting the baby ;)

sparkling- enforced socializing!! exactly LOL
thanks for all the prayers, they are appreciated

natalie - I think I'll be writing a lot about Nana :)
I have been wanting to remember everything and memories have been flooding lately

san - thank you!!
I love being called nana

betty - thanks :)

fermicat - as I told Natalie, I think I'll be writing a lot of Nana in the coming weeks :)
thanks so much

smalltown - oh how I agree!!
I was pretty much left out of helping with the shower since all that was wanted was money
it's one of the huge differences between us -

Bond said...

I am late to the party and had a comment all ready about the lack of breast pumps and you go and spoil it by promising a thesis!

What a wonderful day Dianne. I wonder if I know the restaurant.

The pictures are great and getting to meet the family was real special.

Wait...you did not curse...ONCE?

Cloudia said...

Thank you for having us at this super soiree`!

Shelly said...

Such a good looking bunch!
I love what Melli said about the baby choosing your name. A friend of mine wants her grandaughter to call her Posh...yikes...I'll leave it at that.
You're going to be a fabulous grandma...I can't imagine it any other way.

Dianne said...

bond - see how I defuse you ;)
the restaurant is in Englewood, it is relatively new
actually I rarely curse in "mixed" company

cloudia - I wish you all had truly been there, now that would be a party!

shelly - I have a friend who wants to be called GlamMa - Oy!!

Ivanhoe said...

I knew it! Thanks for satisfying my curiosity :o)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Dianne... you're going to make a wonderful Nana...

Dianne said...

ivanhoe - you're welcome :)

spartacus - !!!!!!!!!!!
how wonderful to see you
thanks so much
love to the family

Daryl said...

First .. you look beautiful. Jeffrey is so handsome, Connie is lovely and looks about to burst. Everything looks as if it went perfectly AND at Bridezilla's baby shower we, too, played that Bingo game and we had a guess the # of safety pins in a bowl ...

And I love love love love LOVE that you 'felt' Nana and are going to channel her ... this grandbaby needs a Nana!


Patti said...

Well, congrats for not cursing, Nana.

As you may have guessed this is my kind of post. Baby showers are fun. But I hear you on the games! Oy.

And I also enjoyed meeting your family. Your daughter-in-law has that pregnancy glow. That's great that she got so much of the stuff they will need for your grandchild.

Beautiful restaurant. My mom is from north Jersey.

Ron said...

Well, Supreme Goddess...

....this post ROCKS!!!!!

OMG...I was "shvizting" (I think that's how you spell it) about the restaurant and the table settings! Holy shit...they were incredible!

And of course my ears sudden perked when you spoke about the beautiful young lady who was on BROADWAY! How exciting!

Loved all your photos too! When I saw the one of all the gifts I wanted to reach inside and start ripping them open.

I think this is the first time I ever saw a photo of you...OMG...SEXY!

Thanks for sharing, sexy lady.

SOOOO enjoyed this!

X ya!

Maddy said...

What a fabulous bash! Do you say bash? I probably mean party don't I. And now to relax now that all the work is over.

Dianne said...

daryl - Oy beautiful I don't know about ;)
but I love ya for saying so

patti - I'm glad you enjoyed :)

ron - I adore ya! you're so genuinely enthusiastic
thanks for the wonderful words :)
you're pretty hot yourself

maddy - we do say bash :)

Reb said...

Wow, that certainly looks like it was a wonderful party. You have a wonderful family there Nana.

Linda Reeder said...

Yep, sometimes you just have to give up and give in and go along and have fun. You can save the world another day.
My grandchildren are with me for three weeks, so politics and saving the world have to take a back seat to playing and sharing and having adventures. Nanas do that.
You'll be a great one.

Deb said...

Oh, how I have missed your sense of humor and honesty. I am back from my little blogging break. My son and his wife are due July 30th - and my son's name is Jeffrey also! They are having a girl. I do agree with your son - there are few surprises left in this world and this will be such a beautiful surprise. Glad the shower went well and I am glad to be back in the blogosphere. Take care Nana !

Jackie said...

All I can say is that that wee baby is going to be the best-looking baby ever, with handsome parents like that - they're gorgeous!

I loved the Baby Shower Bingo idea, that made me laugh!

Terry said...

oh dianne..this was just as fancy as a wedding!
you know what i always give as a baby shower gift?
i buy the baby set of coins for the year that the baby is born.
the government makes it really fancy into a baby card greetings and the coins are all placed there and of course they will always be mint condition...a real keep sake for a life time..

i hope that you print out this post real nice like and put it away for the baby dianne.
what a keepsake and heirloom for the little one to keep and pass on to his own children, eh?....love terry