Monday, February 8, 2010

Now Dat Was A Super Bowl

Congratulations to the Saints. To their fans. To the city of New Orleans. To the whole Gulf Coast.

Nothing like a little fanfare and coming up and out from underdog to make you feel good and hopeful.

As silly as it may seem sports makes folks feel better. feel pride.

I love the Super Bowl. Especially when I have a team I can outright root for with passion. I enjoyed this year’s extravaganza.

Queen Latifah did a beautiful job with ‘America’. She looked and sounded like a class act. The children’s choir had lovely voices and the cameras caught one young boy making faces. When he realized he was on camera he switched to an angelic pose faster than Glenn Beck can switch moods.

’America’ is such a pretty song. I think it would be a better national anthem than ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ which is impossible to sing and often impossible to listen to.

I was impressed that the NFL chose a downtrodden corn husking whore to sing the national anthem. I assumed they plucked her from the back fields of LewEaseEAnna. Bless her heart she only had her good Saturday night working girl outfit to wear on TV. I was worried she’d fall off her white platform heels and land on a flag pole. As her voice whined and cracked I felt for her – at least the silver chains hanging off her white vinyl jumpsuit were sparkling.

What? That was Carrie Underwood!? Oh good heavens – Jesus Take The Mic

The game was exciting. I loved the start of the second half. As all those players were piled on top of each other scrambling for the ball and shoving refs away I was yelling Who Dat! Who Dat! Who Dat dat got dat ball.

I don’t dislike the Colts. Hell my father is related to Archie Manning so I guess Payton is a cousin. To think I could have married him had we stayed in the south. Imagine the box seats.

I just love New Orleans.

I wasn’t impressed with the commercials. I will admit I like the talking baby. And WTF!? Dave and Jay together? That Oprah can make anything happen.

There were a few commercials that burned my ass. The usual 50s style trite BS about what ball busters women are. Are we ever going to get past that stereotype? It is as offensive as blackface shuffling tap dancers. There was the car ad showing all the dead eyed husbands declaring all the things they won’t do to annoy their ball and chain as long as they get the car they want. And a fake injury report on a spineless man forced to go shopping with “his woman”.

Ya know – if this country would let gay people marry it would open up a treasure chest of creative ads. Get behind that Madison Avenue.

I loved all the Saints touching and kissing the trophy as it made its way to the podium. The old dude carrying it – yeah I know he’s famous – looked a bit startled. New Orleans feels things and it shows its feelings. With style. With passion.

So once again – congratulations to the New Orleans Saints.

And while there is all this fuss and attention and all these billions of dollars flying around on ads could we re-build please. Fix the homes. Get rid of the trailers. Have some real engineers test the levies.

Since life imitates sports let’s make sure the real underdogs come out on top.


Jay said...

The anthem wasn't Carrie's finest moment. And what was up with her hair? Just a bad night all around for her.

I'm very happy to see the Saints win. I don't think any city and franchise has ever been more deserving. Not because of the hurricane, but because of the history of the team. New Orleans has a great and very loyal fan base. I think that only Green Bay is more emotionally attached to their NFL team than Saints fans.

I'm not a fan of the commercials ever. Sure, some of them are cute or funny, but they're still commercials. And this whole idea that our corporate controlled media has convinced so many people that they LOVE commercials is ridiculous to me.

But last night? Those were some pretty sexist commercials. Some people were calling it the Misogyny Bowl. I guess that being "trapped" in a heterosexual relationship means that the only way to hold onto your manhood is to buy a big peniscar. That ad was stupid.

Dianne said...

Jay - I decided not to pick on Carrie's hair since I already deboned her ;)
thanks for mentioning it for me - she looked like her up-do fell down
I'm glad others realized how sexist the ads were

Ron said...

Even though I didn't watch the game, I say...

"CONGRATS to the Saints!"

And judging by this fabulous post I missed out on a lot.

..."What? That was Carrie Underwood!? Oh good heavens – Jesus Take The Mic"....

Bwhahahhaahhaahaha. OMG, you KILL me!!

Don't ya just love Queen Latifah? Gorgeous voice, gorgeous woman, gorgeous energy!

Cool Kenneth Cole ad. I've never seen that one before. Leave it to Madison Ave. to come up with something so creative!

And you're so right, dear lady...when will we EVER get over sterotypes?

X ya!

Nessa said...

I'm glad the Saints won. New Orleans can use the boost.

I thought it was a good game.


Martha Z said...

Good post. I agree about the anthem, America is much better.
I agree about the ads, too. When I commented to my son that were I a man I would be offended by the "spineless man" he said "some men have a sense of humor. He is a bachelor, though, so maybe he sees it differently.
I agree, too, that it is nice for New Oleans to have something positive to rally around.
Again, good post.

Mountain Photog said...

I attended a Super Bowl party but didn't watch a second of the game--or the commercials or the halftime show. LOL! I heard The Who was good, though, and I was glad the Saints won. New Orleans--and the whole Gulf Coast area--can sure use a boost. And I agree with you that all the money spent on Super Bowl ads could have been put to much better use. :(

ellen abbott said...

I thought Queen Latifah was fabulous but then I've been a big fan of hers for a long time.

The national anthem wouldn't be so bad if they didn't always sing it like a dirge. Pep it up a bit people!

didn't watch the game, didn't see the ads but I read enough about them today. They dovetail nicely into a post I've been working on.

Travis said...

I didn't watch any of the stuff prior to the game, so I can't comment on that. But I do agree that Queen Latifah generally seems like a class act.

And don't get me started on Ms Underwood.

As to the commercials...lots of bashing of men and women. I'm not compelled to purchase anything that was advertised, unless it's something I already buy like Pepsi.

Now the game...that's what a Super Bowl should be! I was rooting for the Colts, but they clearly blinked first. NO had the game plan and they executed it beautifully. I really admire that Sean Payton stayed true to his aggressive style.

Congrats to dem Saints!

Linda Reeder said...

I didn't watch all of it, missed most of the first quarter. But now that I've read your review, I don't need to know anything more. What a hoot! You are sure full of it today!
And I love it!

Gattina said...

I have no clue about American football and find it funny that it is called football and it's played with the hands. We have the same hysteria in Europe with our football (your soccer) when it comes to a very important game.
I am surprised about New Orleans, it's a shame that it is still not totally rebuilt and that people have to live in trailers ! Fortunately the climate is not like in Washington !

Felisol said...

Love this post.
I sat up and watched Super Bowl on Norwegian TV almost till dawn.
Hubby thought I was mad.
That little fellow running 100 yards to score a touchdown completely swept me off my feet. I've seen replays of the magic moment on You Tube.
Like everybody else I wish the best for the people of New Orleans. They sure do deserve it.
From Felisol

Matt-Man said...

Pierre Thomas is a BEAST. Here's to Nawlins'. Cheers Di!!

the walking man said...

You Almost, Dianne, ALMOST make me ashamed to admit I have never seen a Super Bowl. Naww not really. I am happy for NO but *shrug* I is what I is.

Arkansas Patti said...

Loved the game and would have been happy either way since the Dolphins were busy preparing for next year. I adore Payton and think the Saints deserved the boost so it was a win/win for me.
Took a bath at half time so no comment there.
Drew Brees after the game, with tears in his eyes, holding his son who is wearing ear protection... is my take away moment.

Dianne said...

ron -stereotypes keep people apart
and corporations and their ads are feeding it
love ya too

nessa - it was a great game!! up and down, aggressive and smart plays, it had it all

martha - I think men see sexism differently because they don't feel the effects - the girlfriend in that ad was made to be a monster and spineless was made to be the victim - I really hate that
my son also thought it was just funny and he's married

lisa - I am assuming you had a good party time!! LOL
The Who were good but halftime shows are so odd - bad sound and way too many sparkles

ellen - i have been a fan of Latifah for a long time too
I look forward to your new post :)

travis - oh please!! can I get you started on Underwood, please! LOL
I agree about the NO coach, he did it his way

linda r - glad you got a hoot laugh :)

gattina - NO is not even 50% rebuilt - there is so much corruption and stupidity - from govt and corporations
the places where there is the most progress is where small groups have done it themself

felisol - that is exactly how I feel about football - there are moments that sweep me off my feet!! :)

matt-man - he is!! a magical beast who can fly

walking man - I like who you is :)

patti - I saw Drew and his son - it was a wonderful moment!

Rob Inukshuk said...

I read your take of the ads, the game, but I was waiting for it...and you delivered the real story in true Dianne style. You never disappoint!

Suldog said...

Yeah, it was nice seeing The Saints win, but there were an awful lot of wrong things happening at this Super Bowl. Many of the ads were insulting to both sexes. And who pays for those damned flyovers? The American taxpayers? If so, I'll gladly do without it next time and please send that money to the 9th ward, thanks.

Daryl said...

I missed the singing, the ads, halftime (The Who?)and got home in time for the last quarter ... and that was Len Dawson carrying the trophy, I think ... love New Orleans, love the Saints... and you!

Dianne said...

rob - thank you! I worry sometimes that I get preachy but some things just seem so obvious to me - like why ads are more important than people - that I just have to say it loud

suldog - I so agree about the flyovers!! if the NFL finds it so necessary they should pay for it
there is such a twisted set of priorities in this country

daryl - you missed The Who!!? but they sang happy birthday to you :)
and yes, it was Len Dawson - when I posted I was all researched out, thanks for giving him his name
love you too

Jim said...

He Dianne, I came here before peeking in on your RT.
I wouldn't stop except for seeing your singer. I do hope you were giving Carrie Underwood a compliment. She's the greatest in my book!

We were pulling for the Who Dat all night long. Mrs. Jim is from Louisiana.
And she is French although her family roots did not go through Canada or Nova Scotia. They came in directly from France to New Orleans.

This has been a lovely tribute. Come down and we can drive over there, about five hours away. :)

3 Men and a Lady said...

Yeah, I was disappointed in Carrie Underwood's singing. Ouch. Queen Latifah did great, though, not flashy, just real. I hate when they try to put a spin on songs.

Bond said...

The ads have lost their cache the last few years and they definitely had a theme this year "men are punks"...

All I ask for is a very competitive game at least through the 3rd quarter and I got that -- well unless the Giants are playing then it can be over in the first quarter with them ahead!

Scott Oglesby said...

Sorry Dianne, I haven’t read your post. My wife’s going away tomorrow so I’m going to watch the whole thing then. I couldn’t avoid knowing who won, but I’ve managed to stay blissfully ignorant of the details. I don’t even know the final score. I’m so excited!

I’ll read this on Thursday…

Dianne said...

jim - I have to confess I am not a fan of Carrie Underwood but that's cool - different strokes and all
I am also part French
my father's mom came from France to New Orleans, there she met an Irishman directly from Ireland thru NY and they married
I have family in NO, Baton Rouge and Slidell although we don't keep in touch
my uncle Floyd was the only one I got along with and after he passed we all fell out of touch

3 men/lady - I don't like her even when she sings well ;)
she just so rubs me the wrong way

bond - it sure was a competitive game! I enjoyed every moment of it

scott - that's cool kiddo, I knew you were waiting to watch it in full without any cable/PC troubles

Bob-kat said...

I don't watch sport but I am aware of what a big deal the Superbowl is in the US.

I hope the publicity turns the spotlight back on New Orleans so something gets done too.

I hope you are doing okay. Loss is so traumatic and yet it is easy to hide in the hubbub of everyday stuff. Take care of you is all I'm trying to say.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Ain't it the truth...ALL that money going into TV ADS...OY VEY! The GOOD it could have done in New Orleans..but what IS GREAT is that this game gave N.O. some pride and, as you said, HOPE!
I didn't see the entire game, but I was lucky enough to see that 73 yard run...WOW! I said, out-loud-to-no-one..."This Game Is Over...!"
Yaaaayyyy SAINTS!

Linda said...

Having missed basically the entire Super Bowl due to it being an exceptionally busy Sunday afternoon/evening at Ye Olde Dispatch Center, I missed pretty much the whole shebang. I guess I'm not sorry I missed yet another person trying and failing to sing the National Anthem. You totally cracked me up with "Jesus Take the Mic"! You really ought to be doing stand-up!

Loved your sentiment at the end of the post and I just wish that others who were in a position to do something did, too. It's rather sad and tragic and downright disgusting that Haiti will probably be in better shape before New Orleans will (nothing against Haiti, mind you).

Dianne said...

bob-kat - you do know me :)
I am pushing away the feelings and then they creep up. late at night I forget Mia's gone and wake up to prep her meds and sometimes I just have a good cry
thanks bob-cat

old old lady of the hills - there were several points in the game when the excitement was just so wonderful :)

linda - I read that Super Bowl Sunday is a big day for accidents (damn drunks) and heart attacks.
Glad you liked my line ;)
it made me laugh too

Bob-kat said...

Dianne, it's because I do exactly the same thing and then it does creep up on you and it's like losing them all over again for just a second or two. As you know though, that nerve becomes less raw with time. I still miss Bob even with my boys. I always will, but at least now I can think of him fondly without all that emotion crashing in on me. I still can't watch what little video footage I have of him though. This pain too shall pass, and so will yours. Hang on in there.

Big hugs my friend.

Sleepypete said...

I avoided watching this one cos I had a suitability interview the next day - wanted to get some good sleep for it.

Sounds like I missed a good one !

Nishant said...

I'm glad others realized how sexist the ads were

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