Monday, March 8, 2010

We Take Care of Family

Isadora had quite the weekend. Her biopsy results came in Saturday and the vet was so concerned that Isadora needed to go back Sunday morning to start a regimen of antibiotics and steroids.

She has an immune system disease that attacks her teeth and gums. There is a lot of discussion in the medical community about how this condition comes to be. There is no cure - and treatment success rates vary, there are so many variables.

I truly believe that animals have a sense of what we are thinking and feeling. Isadora didn't fight me to get into the carrier. At the vet's office she licked my hand and she kissed the vet.

On the drive back home she kept talking to me and I kept telling her it would be OK. We'll deal with it best we can. She has been giving me deep loving looks ...

I've been asked if I would consider returning her to the shelter. The answer is no. She became a part of the family the moment she walked in the door. Animals are not damaged goods to be returned if we're not satisfied.

Today is better.

Siren and Isadora's good friend Rosie (and her mom DARYL) sent them some gifts ...

This led to Isadora wanting to be brushed ...

And then Siren joined in ...

He's a bit rowdier than Isadora. She did enjoy watching him ...

The biggest goal now is to get Isadora to eat. If only cats liked lasagna, no one can resist my Italian food.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

they are both beautiful. try the lasagna you never know. lol

ellen abbott said...

Have you tried baby food?

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Oh Dianne! You are a good person and Isadora is lucky to have you. (and Siren)
I'd try the lasagna. Maybe she could eat the cheese. My cat goes crazy for cheese. I give her tiny bits that are easy to swallow.
Some Whiskas catmilk may be good too. Lisa

Linda said...

Speaking only from my world I'd say you've got a problem. My husband will not allow me to think only with my heart, therefore, I have to add some economic thoughts. How expensive will her treatment be? What's the long term cost? Can your budget sustain this for a long period of time?

We have good insurance on both of us but none on the pets. Pet care is very expensive as you know.

Perhaps you'll be lucky and she'll level off to oral medication. I hope so. Isadora is a beautiful addition to your family. I wish both of you the best.

bobbie said...

Of course she is family. And as important to you as you are to her.

JC said...

I am so sorry that she is sick. Can they get her better ?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh My! Dear Sweet Isadora. You are a wobderful "mommy" and she knows it. I hope they can get this condition under control even if there is no cure....Isadora has such a sweet sweet face! And I love that Siren has come to kind of accepting her....Bravo to you, my dear!

Ron said...

See, this why I love you....

"Animals are not damaged goods to be returned if we're not satisfied."

Bless you.

And I agree with Bobbie. She's as important to you and you are to her. I truly believe there's a reason why she and you met, and I know things will work out. I just know it.

Hey, and who're fabulous lasagne may be just the cure!

Know that I will send extra-extra Reiki your way, ok?

As always, I so enjoy your photos. You have a talent for catching those perfect expressions!

X to you a da' gang!

Anonymous said...

I love how the sunshine glints in the ends of their fur. It's so pretty.

I hope she gets well and everything is good at casa de Dianne. It's sad having a sick pet. I love her white chin.

Travis said...

Well, Garfield likes lasagna but I guess that doesn't help.

I'm sorry for the little lady's health issues and for the extra stress they might bring to you. But I suspect there are worse places for Miss Iss to have landed. Witness the fact that you haven't sent her back.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Oh, the poor sweet girl! She has to get better, with you on her side! I love her already and I haven't seen her in person - how could YOU not love her and keep her.

I agree about animals and keeping a commitment to them. CR, the girls and I, did for eight years with our dog whom we adopted from a shelter, despite his emotional and behavior issues. Poor boy.

Hilary said...

Dianne, Isadora found her way in to the right home for sure. I'm so sorry that she's not well but have little doubt that you'll be able to work out a comfy life for her. So sweet of Daryl and Rose to send gifts. :)

Liberality said...

I am so sorry to read about this. At least she has you to care for her. I agree wholeheartedly with you about caring for pets:

Animals are not damaged goods to be returned if we're not satisfied.

Cherie said...

Well, it looks like Isadora and Siren had a fun day with their toys. You know that life's rough when you can't even get excited about playing with your toys. Which is not the same as not having time adequate privacy to play with them. ;)

Dianne said...

queen size funny - I'm pretty sure I'd be the one eating it all :)

ellen - I am and she did take a little turkey so I'm hopeful her appetite is returning, the steroids are supposed to help that

lisa - I had a cat who loved chinese food ;)
I didn't think of catmilk, I'll try that

linda - I am very concerned about the financial aspect but whatever care I can muster up for her will still be more than the shelter will do and now that she has been diagnosed I can't see anyone else adopting her
all my cats have had insurance, I was in the process of getting it for Isadora, I don't know if they'll accept her now
one of the reasons I never re-married is that I would never "allow" someone to "not allow" me to think and do whatever the hell I wanted to think and do

bobbie - thanks! of course is exactly it, love ya Bobbie

jc - they're trying
her vet is a good one and a good person, she has been doing research and has been charging me only for meds and nothing for her time

old old lady of the hills - I do the best I can :)

ron - I appreciate the extra reiki!! thank you so much

3 men/lady - I love her glintiness too :)

travis - ahhhh if only Siren or Miss Iss (love that) could earn Garfield money
we'd all be set
I am writing a book about Siren and Mia - and now Miss Iss so maybe I'll make money that way

pagan - the last thing I could ever do was just walk away, she'd never understand the betrayal
thanks lady

hilary - I'm doing the best I can, thanks :)

lib - thanks :)

Dianne said...

cherie - the thing that was so sweet about Siren was that he kept trying to get Isadora interested in the toys

Jeni said...

That's such a shame that such a pretty cat has to endure these health issues. But so darned fortunate too for her in that she landed in your home and in your care. Hope they are able to get things under control as quickly as possible and without your having to seek out a loan to provide all the care for her too. Health care seems to be pretty pricey for all of us, animals included, doesn't it?

Jay Simser said...

I can add nothing more to what has already been said except that I am so glad she has you - and that you have her. Live with Love j

Grayquill said...

Your compassion is touching - very sweet!

Scott Oglesby said...

I totally agree with you. Some people treat animals as though they are animated toys and it’s disgusting.

That’s great that she’s starting to warm up to you guys!

That’s why I can’t stand that damn Garfield, it’s just not funny. Best cat cartoon is Get Fuzzy, it’s dead on.

Arkansas Patti said...

So glad you are one of those who accepts the commitment and won't abandon an animal when they become "difficult." Way to go girl.
Mighty has gum problems and gets his teeth cleaned 3 times a year. I have to let his dry/wet combo food soak in warm water for about 10 minutes. Makes a slurry he has no problem with. Good luck.

Trisha said...

Glad that Isadora understands you are trying to help her. So sorry about the news about the teeth and gums. They thought my baby had that for a while but he luckily just had an infection.

I love the pictures of the kittes playing on the bed. Such fun!

Akelamalu said...

Isadora is so lucky it was you that took her home and I think she knows it. :)

Linda Reeder said...

Dianne, you are such a nurturer ( hope that's a word)and your kitties are very lucky to have you. I hope you can get some help in paying the expenses of Isadora's care, because I know you would go without to help her.

Daryl said...

Oh she's looking so much happier, I bet the meds made the pain less .. baby food .. ham to be precise its got more flavor than the others and its lickable, no chewing or gumming necessary .. AND I learned that cats love garlic ... seriously .. so give her a taste of your lasagna 'gravy' .. xo

Lu' said...

I was telling my Hubby bubby about your poor Isadora. He even seemed to be listening. You are a wonderful person. I can see in these pics Isadora seems to be much more at ease. Will she eat babyfood? We had to try that with one of our girls. Best of luck.

ds said...

Lucky Isadora to have you for a mom! I think they know when people are right for them (you didn't think that you chose her, did you?). She does look more at ease, and if Siren is comfortable enough to be stealing her toys--rascal!--then she is truly an official member of your family.

Hoping the treatment proves effective.

Dianne said...

jeni - a few people have contacted me offering to help!! can you imagine that!! I'm so touched and grateful
I have known my vet for 7 years, ever since we moved here and he is looking to help as well

jay s - I am glad I have her too, thanks
hugs from all of us to all of your gang

grayquill - to me it's a test of our character - how we help those who can't help themselves

scott - Garfield always bugged me too ;)
something happened on Sunday on the drive home, she just suddenly seemed to get that I was here to stay

patti - turkey pureed with broth seems to have hit the spot
she's eating!!
thanks for the kind words

trisha - I'm glad your baby only had an infection

akelamalu - I think she gets it, thanks :)

linda r - people have offered help
and the vet is checking to see if a dental surgeon friend will donate some time
that would leave me with meds and hospital
Isadora seems to have a few fans :)
thanks Linda

daryl - the toys were a turning point
she came to see them and Siren joined her and she just seemed so much happier
I do think the meds are helping and I have created a turkey smoothie that she seems to like

lu - he listened!! how cool is he
thanks for the kind words Lu

ds - I am very proud of Siren, he is treating her gently
she even settled into his favorite bed and after a lot of running back and forth confused he accepted it

Robin said...

Poor Isadora (and your poor budget too, not to mention your body after that last post). She sure picked the right house though, didn't she?

Hope it all works out well.

Kay said...

Great photos!!! I hope she eats... my kitty went through a not eating phase about a month ago but she is doing much much better now..... the pills worked even if they were a bitch to give her.


Reb said...

Oh, Dianne, I am so sorry to hear Miss Iss is not feeling well. My cat loves tuna and won't leave me alone when I am eating it. Maybe you could try that as an alternative to the turkey?

Here's hoping you all are feeling better soon.

Linda said...

I'm playing catch-up on my blog reading today (once I get behind for a few days, I'm done for it seems!).

How is Isadora now? Have the medications been helping? Perhaps if you were able to make a fish lasagna you could tempt her with that? From what I understand with cat it's all about smell so if you were to make a nice sardine/mackerel combo I'm sure that would do it!

fermicat said...

Sending warm thoughts to Isadora. She really is a beauty. I hope her health with improve - she's got a great CatMom looking out for her now.

Lily Hydrangea said...

you are such a good Mama to her!
We found out our Yorkie Priscilla had epilepsy when she was two & someone asked me about returning her as well. Her siezures can be stressful at times but as far as I'm concerned life in general would be a lot more stressful without her.
I'm glad you have a diagnosis. Now at least you know what you are dealing with.
& she definitely looks happier too.

CG said...

I agree that Isadora is lucky to have you. So many would have sent her back. Love to you both (and Siren!)

happily retired gal said...

Sorry to learn of Isadora's health issues but relieved she's become a part of your family. She's one lucky kitty to have you and Siren in her life. Wishing you all the best!
Hugs and blessings,