Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Don't Leave Home Without It

No, not your Amex card. Your mind!

I'm in another one of those deadly deadline phases - and how ironic, first I had no time to put the tree up and now I have no time to take it down.

There is nothing sadder looking than a half dressed tree surrounded by Rubbermaid tubs and - as my son used to call it - "the debris of Christmas" - Funny, he used SAT words when he was 7 but forgot them in high school.

But I digress ...

It's 70 degrees here today when it should be 40. I had to get out of the hole (luxurious basement office). I fed the squirrels and birds in the yard and then took off to Drug Fair for a few more storage items for the "debris of Christmas"

helpful household hint: those dress size garment bags are great for storing holiday floral arrangements - plastic/silk - not nature!
helpful hint part deux: they now have giant dress garment bags, they're designed to hold 14 dresses and my little fake tree fits in it perfectly.

It is impossible for me to leave Drug Fair without buying something I don't need. Knowing this I always head to the clearance aisle. Might as well be a frugal shopaholic. I was excited to see that, with my brand new "We Care" reward card, I could buy one bag of coffee for $4.99 and get the second one for a penny. A penny! You can't even get penny candy for less than a quarter.

I was thrilled with my great buy until I got home and realized that my coffee is always 2 for $5 at my regular Stop 'N Shop

So - $4.99 plus a penny = $5
and 2 for $5 = $5

Yes, I had to think a lot about that

And now it's time for a drink and a nap.


kenju said...

I felt good today when I saw a k-mart ad for my deodorant at 2 for $7, because I had just bought one at Walmart for $3.13 - yay. Should have bought 2!!

Theresa said...

Wow and I bet you didn't even know you needed two cans of coffee:) Did the marketers see you coming?

I like the image you set with the rubbermaid tubs surrounding your tree :)

Dianne said...

See kenju - you can do grocery math! I'd still be wondering if that was a good deal.

theresa - not only did I not need the coffee, it wasn't the blend I usually drink - what a dope I can be. I wish I had taken a pic of the "debris of Christmas" - I usually take photos of everything - I have this mind that sees paintings everywhere. Just too much in overdrive to take a moment.

Minnesotablue said...

I usually go shopping when something I need is on sale. Unfortunely I end up buying other items on sale just in case I need them and then find those same articles a year later, unused and unneeded (and spending twice the money I was going to)

Jeni said...

I've had several occasions when I ran up to the local grocery store (which, being smaller is generally a lot higher priced for most things) and had only a gallon of milk on my mind as a necessary purchase and come home with close to $60 in groceries that I found we could use and at good prices too. Granted they were mostly meat items and I do like this particular store's meats better than any others but we've never been so low on meats in the freezer that we might starve so guess that places me in the same shopping category doesn't it?

Lisa said...

LOL, Dianne! You know, you can go broke buying things on sale. :-)

So how's the deadline going???

Dianne said...

the deadline would be fine if they'd stop changing it on me! I work for a pack of shape shifters. It's going to be a rough few days but I always get through.

Lisa said...

Good luck! If anyone can deliver, you can, Dianne. :-)