Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Tisket, A Tasket

Now what do I use as a basket?

I bored Siren with my requests that he move

At least he had the respect to turn away before he stuck his tongue out at me

The debris field that is my home is really getting on my nerves. After moving so much stuff up here from the basement during Hurricane Irene I decided not to just schlep it all back down but to go through it and let go of crap. Less to clean, less to store, less to move next time.

I hate when I make sense.

Add to that the need to pull out winter clothes and put away summer clothes and I'm screwed.

Everything takes me so freakin' long. The aches or the heat of a torn muscle kick in sooner and sooner. It's frustrating and it gets me down.

Yet I am a constant source of amusement for Siren and Isadora.

23 comments: said...

And that is, after all, the reason for our amuse those animals who own us. Good luck on cleaning... I am in the same boat

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, I know. Sometimes just the thought of tidying up this mess is exhausting. Well, my husband is busy this week, so I can tidy up a few things without having to close doors and drawers after him, and help him look for things he has lost.
Then I can concentrate on my things I've lost somewhere under the rubble we call home.
Thank goodness we have someone who comes in to vacuum and clean the bathrooms and floors.
I empathize, andwish you well with the clutter, the aches, and the pains.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Sylvia K said...

With all the moves I have made in the past ten years, I've managed to get rid of nearly everything but the bare essentials. Then I made this last move and discovered just how much I had to replace! So, I've started collecting all over again! Talk about a merry-go-round!!! But, like you wrote, you are a constant source of amusement for Siren and Isadora! Sam gets a big kick out of me, too!


I'm With Stupid said...

I find you pretty amusing too. Of course I mean that in the most loving way possible. ;-)

- Jay

Linda Reeder said...

Yep, me too. I find you amusing, that is.
And me too on finding it more difficult to get motivated to sort and tidy up. I used to have a regularly scheduled day each week for house cleaning, whether it needed it or not. No I'm finding it hard to get to even if it needs it. Hmm mm, when did the bathrooms get cleaned last. I'm sure they're due.

Betty said...

You have winter clothes AND summer clothes? What a concept. The first time she said, "Mother, your closet!" I thought she found it messy. Then, she suggested that I might need to buy some new clothes, for a change. I'm just not a clothes person. Or a shoes person. I missed out on that gene. On the other hand, I never have to clean out my closet. lol

Betty said...

Oops! "She" is my daughter, in case you didn't figure it out.

Hilary said...

Clearle, Siren is a basket case.

Mike said...

"let go of crap"

I have a plan like that too. It's still in the refining stage though.

CrystalChick said...

Siren is so handsome.

I have a huge project waiting for me in the basement. Not from Irene, just in general. But since it's cricket season I'll put that job off a bit longer because I know as I move stuff around and they start jumping, I'll freak out, jump and twist something ... Yeah, that project isn't worth 3 weeks of chiropractic. ;)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Diane I am so with you! The weather has got me down and I have so much I have to do. I hate the wardrobe much work as i ahve to launder and iron so much ..ugh!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I'm sorry, but Siren looks SOOOO Cute in that Basket! He is rather irresistable, isn't he?

Good for you, getting rid of Crap! I wish I could do the same---I truly truly do....It is so damn hard and so I understand how you feel and say Brava to you for continuing to do it even though it Sucks!

Ron said...

Fabulously clever post, Dianne!

"I decided not to just schlep it all back down but to go through it and let go of crap. Less to clean, less to store, less to move next time."

I know exactly what you mean because when I moved back east (10 years ago), I decided to let go of a lot of crap - stuff I'd been hanging onto for YEARS and YEARS.

Isn't it something how much stuff we schlep and collect along the way in life?

ADORABLE photos of Siren!

X to you and the gang!

DJan said...

I don't have two sets of clothes. Here in the PNW, it's dry or wet clothes. And the rain gear goes right on over the dry clothes, imagine that! Good post, I loved it! And I do hope you get all that straightened out before the kitties take over the whole place! :-)

ds said...

Kitty in a basket--naturally. They have special sensors that tell them what we want to be doing so that they can be sure to interrupt it!

Getting rid of crap--a situation devoutly to be wished.
Good luck!!

Daryl said...

As it should be ... after all its what they expect of us

jabblog said...

Entertaining your cats (and Hope) is your prime purpose in life and you're fulfilling it perfectly;-)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

And a constant source of amusement to your faithful readers ;>)

Linda said...

You have both my sympathy and my empathy when it comes to this. I am SO sick of looking at my clutter-filled home and yet am I able to do anything about it? Nope. I either get too distracted editing pictures, my back aches like a son of a bitch, or I'm too worn out from too many hours at work.

I need a housekeeper.

I need a bigger paycheck.

I need to live by myself!

Sivinden said...

Lovely shots of your cat - even if it is a bit stubborn;)

Akelamalu said...

Good idea to have a clear out while everything is to hand. :)

Ellen Whyte said...

The things we do to amuse our furry lords and mistresses!

HermanTurnip said...

"Winter clothes"? What, pray tell, are those? -native Californian ;-)

I don't believe I've ever been in a house with a basement. These are, yet again, foreign concepts to us west-coasters. It's a shame too, 'cause my house could use some more square footage!